Nhazul is one of the RHG characters and one of the boss characters in Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Tile Rush

Nhazul, like all of the other bosses in the game, acts as a Game Determined boss, meaning that you'll either face him, Moon-Bleached Blunatic or Yoyo on Twilight Tundra as the boss.

If the player faces him, he can block damages below 20 and he can destroy 1 - 3 of the player's tiles and create 2 separate rows of his own tiles.

He is very hard to defeat with "spammable" character tiles, mostly those who start their attack at 1 damage since he'll either destroy their tiles before the player can attack or interrupt the player's combo on the character they were using to surpass 20 damage against Nhazul, making him one of the most annoying yet powerful bosses, alongside Digi BigBlue.

It is also nearly impossible to defeat him with characters who deal huge damage as these character's tiles will mostly take about 3 - 8 seconds to appear again. It is suggested to use Stick Luke and stock up on 5 tomahawks, then use his special. It is not that hard to lose the match, it will just take you a very long time. Just keep in mind that the tiles come in fast, even though Nhazul helps you destroy some of them. If you don't keep your eye out, then you will lose.

After you beat the game once, his blocks and tile destruction will become a lot faster, and he will also appear in the Last level of the game, Slusher, when you play in hard mode.

Battle Strategy

Nhazul is a very formidable adversary, more so when the player is a bit inexperienced with the game or mostly slow when clearing tiles against him. Nhazul is a high level boss in the game, meaning that the player has to be wise when confronting him, not just recklessly clearing tiles as these could most likely end in the player's defeat before they could even inflict damage on Nhazul. Nhazul's main attack method is using his Tombstone Sword and punching the player. These attacks are mixed and is a "two hit" attack. Nhazul can eliminate most of the player's tiles, mostly aiming for the strongest tile possible and then exchanging them with his.

Zeta-Combo: A two-hit attack. It sends 4 - 7 of Nhazul's own tiles onto the player's board which disappear after about 10 - 20 seconds. It is best advised that when Nhazul does this, the player is too quickly rid their board of any Slush Fighter tiles in order to avoid having the board be filled up which will result in an immediate game over.


  • "Zetabrand Forever"
  • "Zetabrand will slay you slushy fiends!"
  • "Let's Begin"


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  • He is or used to be the leader of the powerful Zetabrand Clan.
  • It is not recommended to use Stick Michael against him, even if the player uses his Gildedguy Special, since, even though dealing 20 damage, it would not be very effective against him.
  • Stick Luke is the best choice against Nhazul, it will just take a long time, depending if the tiles are destroyed by Nhazul or not spawned that often. Stock up to 5 max tiles and then try to unleash Stick Luke's special. He will deal massive damage.
    • Ben Stickobi is also very effective against Nhazul, since his tiles are the most spawned tiles in the game and he can clear his most of his own tiles in one attack, especially when he uses Sticksaber. Just make sure there are a lot of Ben Stickobi tiles around, because just a few will not affect Nhazul at all.
    • Also, you can use Stick James, Stick Sean, Stickorey, and Steric's Super shot to defeat Nhazul. You just need to use their special attacks and functions the right way.
  • He is one of the known RHG Characters in the game, the others being YoyoFLLFFL and Chuck.
    • He is also one of the two only known RHG Characters in-game to wear an accessory, with him wearing his favorite scarf and Chuck wearing his favorite red karate headband.
  • Strangely, upon defeating him, his defeated image has a chance to rarely appear, where his injured image will always show as the player defeats him.
    • This makes him the only boss to have a second image when defeated.
  • His sword has a traditional sword handle on it, however, this would be physically impossible as the space provided at the top of his case only has enough room for the blade.
    • Despite this, in his defeated image, it shows his sword fitting perfectly in the case.
  • He can be encountered on Slushy Ice Frosting but only very rarely.
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