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Welcome to the Slush Invaders WIki! 

More coming soon... (Admins only allowed to edit.)

If you're a new wikian or a current wikian, there are a set of rules and system of how to make and edit content of the Slush Invaders series. Here are some guidelines and rules that can help you on that.


Remember, when you create or edit a page, the result of your editing will be shown to the public. Sometimes, your writing will be changed for several reasons, including grammar mistakes, sentence structuring, or even page structuring. If this ever happens, do not be discouraged. This is how a wiki works. Other people maybe familiar on how to structure a proper page, so do not hesitate to ask for some help!

Please remember to write in a formal way, and not in a way where it is like talking to your friends, unless your current relationship with the other users are on a friendly scale.

If you feel like editing your page again, on top of the page, click the "Welcome to Penciltality!" button to activate the editor. If you want to go back to the classic editor, press the arrow next to the letterings, the scroll down until you see "Classic Editor". Once you edit your page, the wiki will record your edited page from what time and which page you edited at the Recent Activity box to the right side of the screen. 

If you see any thing that is related to the Slush Invaders series that appear in the videos or games, please do add content to the right pages. Also, do not add info that you think is necessary to the page. Only add info that are true facts, because adding your own info will result into a creation of a fanon made idea, or a fan made idea. If you feel like "Hey, I'm going to add info that I believe is true and everyone is going to believe me", then remember that there will be wikians checking pages to make sure that they have the right content.

What topic goes where?

In this wiki, we have a number of topics and sub topics that goes in pages. For example, the some include:

  • Characters
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Upgrades
  • Slush Fighters
  • Enemies
  • Abilities
  • Upgrades

These topics and subtopics both have subjects that belongs into the individial topics/sub topics. To classify a topic, simply go the the bottom of the page or to the classic editor to find Categories. Click the edit button in either mode and type in an existing category.


There are many restrictions on this wiki that is enforced heavily/mildly. These include:

  • All types of swearing (Including the "D" word, "H" word, etc.)
  • Bullying or putting down anyone
  • Spamming pages and articles
  • Changing how pages are structured
  • Pestering others to get what you want
  • Adding unnecessary content to the wiki (Information about the wikians and their personal liking, life, etc. is allowed)