is the 4th level of the Slush Invaders: Game. Taking place in the Virginia Tech football stadium, the level introduces the first moving obstacle in the game: the Football Players. This level practically teaches the player(s) on how to maneuver through a level that has either a moving or environmental obstacle while also continuing the assault on Big Blue and the Invaders.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Drillfield (Night)

The level commences with Standrew kicking Big Blue into the air, and the crowd in the background cheering. As soon as Big Blue is sent flying, a hazard will occur which will disrupt all of the Slush Fighters on the ground. An entire squad of football players will sprint across the field, damaging any ground walking Slush Fighter, especially most Auto Fighters.

Next Level: Robo Hokie

Arriving at the Lane

After knocking Big Blue with a high power kick, he is sent flying into the Lane Stadium. Standrew and the others try to enter through the entrance, but a guard stops them from entering, saying that only students may enter the Lane, despite the Slush Fighters being students as well.

When they reason that they are the Slush Fighters, they ask him if he hasn't seen the video yet, to which he answers that "he didn't even watch the 1 minute intro". This catches them by surprise, but as they are in a hurry, Marcstick pushes him away and they enter the Lane to continue their assault on Big Blue.

Once they enter, they continue their attack.

Lane Free-for-All

As the Slush Fighters continue attacking the Invaders, the Footballs Players playing in the field interrupts both parties from their attack, trying to knock any of them if they get in the way of their game.

Though the Slush Fighters and Invaders manage to get through the game as it ends, both continue their attack on each other.




Bonus Objectives

  • Send Big Blue flying higher than the visible sky.
  • Don't take any damage from the football team.

Other Obstacles

  • Throughout the level, a football team will run across the bottom of the field, knocking both allies and enemies out of the way. This is forewarned by an icon of a football helmet with "!" next to it.
    • Strategy: It is suggested to use airborne attacks to avoid making contact with the football team; Fighters like Stedro, Sthomas, Stick Matt, Stick Michael, Steric, StagarStick Sean, and Westick not run along the ground before attacking and don't touch the ground unless timing is off or summoned too close. Also, don't use any Auto Fighters (Stickhanh is an exception because he has no HP).




  • This level shares the same background as the Robo Hokie boss, since the levels both take place in the same place.
  • Lane is based off the real-life Lane Stadium.
  • The Slush Fighters were denied to enter the stadium only because they were not members of the football team and because the guard never watched the movie (what a noob).
  • This level, along with the other Virginia Tech levels, was drawn during Halloween.
  • The level completion text is "0xFF6600 & 0x660000 Effect", referring to the hex codes of Virginia Tech's school colours .
  • For some reason if Stickhanh takes a hit from Football Team, you can still get Marcstick's Evade, since he has unlimited HP.
  • For a weird reason all the football player's right arms are orange.
  • The "orange arms" might not be arms at all, instead they could be a scarf.
  • The Lane and the Robo Hokie level are the only two levels to use this background. 
  • This is the first level where moving obstacles are present.
  • This is where the Robo Hokie appears after finishing this level.
  • Interestingly enough, The Bonus Objective Says Stick Marc instead of Marcstick.
    • This also happens in the other levels.
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