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Input fighters are a type of Slush Fighter in the Slush Invaders Game. These fighters have hexagon icons and act

Staddison: an example

as Standard Fighters-with the ability to use extra attacks or attack early. These attacks can/must be activated depending on the fighter and to the player's choice. These fighters are the least common.

List of Fighters

  • Stedro (when Blaster upgrade is obtained)
    • Input attack: Blaster shot that goes through enemies and stuns them.
  • Steric (when Quickscope upgrade is unlocked)^^^
    • Input attack: Instantly fire a shot to save Steric some recharge time.
  • Staddison
    • Input attack: Stun grenade that explodes upon contact with the ground, but can detonate at player's command.
  • Stick Luke^; ^^^
    • Input attack: Aim and click mouse to throw tomahawks.
  • Stick Waqas^^; ^^^
    • Input attack: Fires all stored missiles created.     

      Stick Waqas's Icon

  • Stickwart^; ^^^
    • Input attack: Aim and click mouse to fire shots, third and proceeding successful shots.
      deal high damage


1. ^These fighters activate their attacks by clicking in the game screen rather than their icon.

2. ^^This fighter has a health limit.

3. ^^^These fighters must fully recharge to attack.


  • Stick Waqas partially acts as an Auto Fighter because he runs along the ground even when not activated.
  • Input fighters, along with some others, are the only fighters that can't die.

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