As per contract, I can't let you pass.
— Ground Drab from Slush Tile Rush

Drabs are dark-shaded, almost green-looking Blues that wield SMGs. Despite this, in the movie, their aim had been proven to be very poor most of the time, and they frequently rely more on peppering opponents with shots rather than using accurate, single-shot kills. In the game, however, they can aim much better and scatter bullets that are hard to dodge. They also get jet packs that lets them aim for skyward Slush Fighters. Sometimes Drabs will ride on Mobiles to provide support, making it much more troublesome and hard to deal with.

Slush Invaders

In the movie, the Drabs were the secondary strike force of Big Blue's invasion force, designed to provide long-ranged assistance to the unarmed Blues. They seem to be more skilled in combat than the Blues, as a few were able to subdue Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker while the Blues simply got beaten. This doesn't mean that the Drabs were any more successful at surviving than the Blues, though. Big Blue's MARV says there was 90 Drabs involved in the Slush Invaders mission, though there were probably less.

Slush Invaders: Game

Drabs are introduced in Mornin' as ranged, airborne fighters capable of providing assistance to the Blues. Unlike their Blue counterparts, they wield SMGs and appear to have obtained jet packs after the movie, increasing their offensive prowess. However, for the most part, Drabs are just as easy to kill as Blues if you took the time to bring Westick or some other long-ranged/high damage fighter along (like Steric). Stagar is especially great at eliminating Drabs since he attacks from the right, while they always attack left.

Drabs will fight alongside Cobalts and Azures in later levels, and a combination of these enemies can quickly prove to overwhelm any fighter you set against them. They fly everywhere, so there is a chance that they will follow you, so don't forget to knock them out before a mob of them appear.

Slush Invaders: Duel

The Drabs were the main antagonists in the movie Slush Invaders: Duel where they forced a captured Sthomas and Stucker to battle each other for their and the entire Invaders' entertainment.

During the beginning, they were seen guarding a secret Underground Base of the Blue Baddies.

In the next scene they fired on Sthomas and Stucker, forcing the duo into a duel. A Drab commanded a group of Drabs to fire on Sthomas and Stucker with explosive rounds, possibly not satisfied yet with the fight the captive Slush Fighters are doing.  As the movie progressed, each and every one of the Drabs kept firing on Sthomas and Stucker to make them battle even harder and more brutally.

Soon enough the duo had enough and made their way to the crowd and killed as many Drabs and Blues as they can before being re-captured and thrown back to their respective Cages.

Slush Tile Rush

Drabs make their first appearance in Twilight Tundra.

They are fairly one of the lowest types of enemy threats in the game, as they have no block or dodge abilities and their tiles last for a mere second, basically becoming the weakest than the Blues (not counting Blue Uno and Blue Two). Drabs attack with their SMGs at the player, where it instantaneously add a few to several of their own tiles onto the player's board, though these will only last for a second. Drabs also have a very low health point, lower than the Azures.

Drabs have two variants that appear in the second game:

Regular Drabs - The most common of the Drabs to appear in the game. They carry an SMG as their main weapon and attack from the ground; has very low health and the limit of their tiles only last for a second. Sends up 3 to 5 Drab Tiles onto the player's board during their attack.

Jet Drabs - Drabs that have jetpacks attached to their backs, making airborne attacks possible. They don't have any other changes apart from designs from the Regular Drabs except with the added Jetpacks and shades/goggles. Though Jet Drabs can send up 4 - 8 Drab Tiles onto the player's board during their attack, along that they attack quite faster than their ground counterparts, though their tiles still last for only a second.

Regular Drabs are encountered during the first run in the game, until the second run where Jet Drabs can now be encountered.


  • Some people mistake their SMGs for rifles.
  • The Drabs didn't use jet packs in the movie probably because they wouldn't have been much help in the interior of Slusher.
  • Drabs fight in a similar way to Westick.
  • A few Drabs had shotguns in the movie.
  • Drabs were either painted green, or that they were paid from Big Blue to work for him.
  • Drabs were the ones who built Toasters for assistance in the air.
  • By default, a Drab always faces right.
  • Drabs don't have outlines just like the Blues.
  • The word "drab" means "lacking bright colors", likely referencing their darker, different color from the Blues.
  • In the movie Drabs, along with Blues, had outlines in the scene where they capture StAndrew.
    • When they shot in that movie, their bullets looked like bigger versions of corks.
  • The Drabs were the main antagonists in Slush Invaders: Duel.
  • Along with SMGs, Drabs can hold shotguns as seen in the movie, and grenade launchers as seen in Slush Invaders: Duel.
  • The Drabs' bullets are shown to look like exploding corks.
  • The Drabs' colors are dark-ish cyan and very different from the Blue's color.
  • In the movie they don't have jet packs.
  • It is also shown that there eyes are similar to the Blues and the other enemies.
  • In Slush Tile Rush, Jet Drabs are shown to wear green shades/goggles like object.
  • Drabs are considered to be a more "heavier" set within the Slush Invaders than the Blues as they can easily overwhelm a single Slush Fighter either single-handedly or with a group of four, evidenced in both the first movie, second game and second movie, though this turns around in the second game, as the Blues becoming a more advanced threat than they are.
  • In Slush Tile Rush, Drabs have a chance they will say "Big Green better pay big for this!" which is something a Lime would normally say.
    • Also, in Slush Tile Rush, flying Jet Drabs have a chance to say "I want armor too..." or "All I got was a freakin' visor!" hinting at Armored Lime and Armored Blues.


  • A standing drab from Slush Tile Rush.
  • A flying jet drab from Slush Tile Rush.
  • A flying jet Drab aiming
  • An active Drab Tile
  • An inactive Drab Tile
  • A glitch that has an extremely rare chance of occurring in Lane, where countless of Drabs may spawn.
  • The two types of Drabs
  • A Drab wielding Shotgun that is about to shoot Sticorey (Note that this is the only Drab in the original movie to wield a Shotgun)
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