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Data Wall is the 17th level of the Slush Invaders Game, taking place after Bitland, inside the digi-Slush-ball. The level actually has three different sections, all resembling calculator-like themes. The goal is to keep the decoy Big Blue in the air.





Bonus Objectives

  • Use no Ultra Attacks.
  • Reach a score of at least 200,000.

​​​Other Obstacles

  • In the first phase of the level, pixelated "Snakes" will scroll across the screen at all heights. Coming into contact with them will cause knockback.



  • There is a (possible) glitch that makes enemies's true color (Blue instead Gray) appears if you stun them (Stedro's Blaster/Staddison's Flashbang/BriStick's Knockout/Stagar's Hammer.)
  • The first phase of the level mimics a TI-83 calculator, and lists a number of functions at the bottom of the screen including 'WINDOW', 'ZOOM', 'GRAPH', and 'SLUSH.
  • It's unclear why the Slush Defenders had to beat up a fake Big Blue to escape the pokeball.
  • The colors of the slush invaders and slush fighters are a different color.
  • This is the level with the most numbers in the game.
  • This is the only levels to actually have numbers.
  • There are 3 "parts" to the stage, still one stage though. Just 3 different backgrounds to the level. 
  • The level completion text is "No Calculators".
  • There are a number of hidden messages in the background of the third phase:
    • "play Slush Invaders 2"
    • "view readme"
    • "config"
    • ASCII art of bowing stickmen (orz)
    • edit more
    • <3MLPONY88
  • In the third background you can see only the number 8 while the binary codes are one's and zero's.
  • The data wall contains the most faces in the whole game.
  • The data wall is the ONLY level that contains math equations.

Data Wall