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Probably the biggest combo yet.

A combo is formed when multiple fighters are able to successfully hit Big Blue or any other enemy multiple times in a row (while one fighter is already pummeling Big Blue or directly afterwards) in the Slush Invaders: Game. The minimum amount of hits required to form a combo is two, though the maximum number is still unknown (though it's likely somewhere around 100,000).

While a combo is not necessary to help beat levels, it helps as a massive score multiplier and may be one of the requirements for a bonus objective. Combos are also made just for the sake of making them, as they are extremely entertaining (and to attempt to earn the one hundred thousand hit combo bonus).

Strategies for Combos

Good Combo Characters

Stedro - Stedro recharges faster than other characters, and possesses a decently long attack length when fully charged.

Stick Brian - When fully upgraded, Stick Brian possesses the ability to extend the combo counter by two hits and, while attacking, also extends the amount of time before the combo expires.

Sthomas - Sthomas' attack duration is long, and slows down Big Blue almost to a standstill so multiple characters can easily hop in to extend the combo. His ultra Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD allows him to automatically create a lengthy 45 hit combo for the cost of three ultra levels. Also, when upgraded with Fist O' Fury, the character next to him will be able to level up the ultra bar quicker so Sthomas can perform his ultra sooner.

Stick Michael - Keeps Big Blue at the same altitude for the duration of his line. When upgraded with TranpoLine, ground enemies will not be able to reach Big Blue unless the line wears off.

Stick Sean - Teleports Big Blue high out of reach, allowing for more combos to be made.

Combo Pictures

When a combo is successfully performed, the combo number would be shown at the right hand side of the game screen. Below are some pictures for the combo numbers (the gallery is not finished yet).


  • According to Stick Michael's fun facts, getting a one hundred thousand hit combo will unlock a special message (a little easter egg from the creator himself), but even Gildedguy thinks it's impossible. However, many skilled players have achieved it.
  • The best level for making combos is the normal version of Autumus since the level's infinite and no enemies exist to hinder obstacle attempts (though trees do slow down Big Blue).
  • No enemy other than Big Blue can receive combos over five or ten because of health limits.
  • Starting from combo 10, the pictures of the Slush Fighters will start to appear after every 5 combos you make up to 150, after which there are only numbers.
  • Standrew and Gildedguy do not appear in the pictures.
  • In order, here are the fighters you'll see alongside each number:
    • 10-14 Stedro
    • 15-19 MarcStick
    • 20-24 Stickyle
    • 25-29 Stickhanh
    • 30-34 Stick Matt
    • 35-39 Ben Stickobi
    • 40-44 Stucker
    • 45-49 Westick
    • 50-54 Sticorey
    • 55-59 Stick Brian
    • 60-64 Stick JK
    • 65-69 Stagar
    • 70-74 Sthang
    • 75-79 Joshtick
    • 80-84 Stick James
    • 85-89 Steric
    • 90-94 Sthomas
    • 95-99 Stomar
    • 100-104 Staddison
    • 105-109 Stick Luke
    • 110-114 Stick Waqas
    • 115-119 Stick Sean
    • 120-124 Stick Michael
    • 125-129 Stickwart
    • 130-134 Stick Dan
    • 135-139 Stickirby
    • 140-144 BriStick
    • 145-149 Stick Jorge
    • 150+ None, only numbers are shown.
  • If you want to see them for yourself then go to For the hacked version of the game (unlock Sthomas and keep using his ultra).
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