Blue Bits are viral pieces of data used to try and contain prisoners and harass them. They are only encountered in
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Bitland, a prison within a Pokeball that Big Blue traps the Slush Fighters inside. Although they can bounce high and multiply quickly, they take damage easily. The Blue Bits come in five varieties.

Role in the Movie

Blue bits didn't appear in the movie since they only exist in the digital world of Big Blue's pokéball.

Role in the Game

Blue Bits will bounce around the area, hurting anyone not targeting them. Despite their high numbers, Blue Bits can be easily destroyed. As such, players can use fighters like Ben Stickobi , Westick, and Stucker's blade furry can get rid of a multitude of them quickly. Blue Bits are also incapable of changing their direction from every area


  • The Blue Bits are the only non-boss enemies to only appear in one level.
  • The Blue Bits attacks by making a direct contact with their victims (in other words, unlike other enemies, Blue Bits do not use an attack animation).
    • Via releasing or emitting a red aura or glow Red when they attack or are attacking anyone from your team.
  • All 5 of the Blue Bits have been given a name either by their appearance or color.
    • (from left to right) The 1st Bit is named "Blockz", the 2nd bit is named "Lil' Drab", the 3rd bit is named "Blue", the 4th bit is named "King Bit" and the last bit is named "Sean".
    • They were named by this wikis own user; Vincetick.
  • It seems that each Blue Bit has a different color, shape, size and even form.

    Looks like he is going to a party. And he is angry.

  • In the Slush Invaders PlayerMade Game, there is a good Blue Bit named Blu which is unlocked after defeating Turbine.
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