Blues are the standard foot infantry of Big Blue, and the bulk of the Slush Invaders. They mainly utilize unarmed combat, and, while weak, are troublesome in large numbers. They are also capable of driving Mobiles in the game.

They can be annoying if they are grouped together, which makes them harder to kill.

Slush Invaders

Blues appear as the main offense forces that the Slush Fighters have to fight through. Despite managing to knock out Standrew and possibly Stickirby, they are minimal threats to the other Slush Fighters (surprisingly, this includes Marcstick). Although Big Blue's MARV states there are 90 Blues (the limit of troops Big Blue have is 128), more have been seen in both the game and movie.

Slush Invaders: Game

Blues are the most common enemies in the game, just like how common they were in the Slush Invaders (movie), though they don't appear until Drillfield Day. They run along the ground and follow Big Blue, similar to Stickhanh. Unlike Stickhanh, however, they'll always be within the screen and attack anyone who gets in their attack range, which can be high (this does not apply when Stickhanh is played in the BigBoi Prime level). If left unattended, Blues will easily be able to defend Big Blue, other enemies, and even each other. Their health is relatively low, so one Blue trying to defend himself will not last long. However, large numbers of Blues can easily overpower your team of Slush Fighters...

After the events of the movie, all the Blues were supposed to have been eliminated. This was proven wrong, for Big Blue had prepared a small emergency force that was hidden behind some bushes. Though Big Blue appeared to be cornered, he turns the tables with his backup forces and captures nearly all the Slush Fighters.

Blues appear in the storyline once again after defeating the Ether Lord, when a Blue driving a Mobile helps Big Blue get away while Drabs distracted the fighters.

After going through Blue Base, the Slush Fighters find out the truth behind the Blues; they were all innocent stickmen captured to be painted into Blues. The Blues, along with the other Slush Invaders, become no more when the Slush Fighters destroyed BigBoi Prime, punched the paint off of Big Blue, and escaped the destruction of the Blue Base.

Slush Invaders: Duel

The Blues return in the second movie.

Unlike before in the first movie and first game, the Blues do not appear as prominent antagonistic characters, rather as simply background characters as nearly all of them are a part of the crowd, cheering on during the forced battle between Stucker and Sthomas. The Drabs were the main antagonists this time around.

Though, due to "tradition", some of the Blues were still defeated during Sthomas and Stucker's attempt to escape the arena and underground base, as the duo plowed through most of the group of Blues and Drabs that were in their way.

Although they were not as much of a threat, they were responsible for Stucker and Sthomas' recapture during the end of the movie.

Slush Dungeon

The Blues make another return in the second game. They appear in groups to capture the Slush Fighters after 3 of them managed to escape captivity. Some of them wield lances, arrows and bows while others wear helmets.

During the Beta, only the standard Blues made an appearance as available enemy characters, along the Cobalts and their "upgraded" versions, Helmet Blues.

It is unknown why the Blues made a return in this game, as this game was later cancelled by Gildedguy. This game was supposed to take place after Slush Tile Rush, which would have continued the story of the Slush Fighters' battle against the "apparently-still-operative" Slush Invaders.

Slush Tile Rush

"Begone!" -Optional Game-Determined Text.

Blues returned in the third game. It is a possibility that they are still operative, only in few numbers since the main factory on the moon is destroyed by the Slush Fighters. Though it seems that there may be different commanding bases in separate nations around the world since some of the Blues wear armor.

Though, in supposed chronological order, this game takes place before the events of the second game before it was cancelled.


There are different types of Blues in the series, depending on their rank or appearance. Here is a list of different types of Blues and what game(s) they appear in:

  • Blue - The average foot soldier of the Blue Baddies. Very weak and can easily be taken down if there is only one, but can be very overwhelming in large numbers. Appears in all the installments of the series.
  • Armored Blue - An armored up Blue with fitting body armor, helmet, face plate, leg armor, etc. They have more HP and better defenses than regular Blues do but their attacks are still the same. Appears only in Slush Tile Rush in the level Slusher.
  • Helmet Blue - A low armored Blue with only a helmet. Can be very annoying in groups, but can be taken down with ease just as long as their helmets are broken off. Appears only in Slush Dungeon.
  • Swordsman Blue - A Blue with a steel sword that supposedly can attack within close range. Not much is known about this variant. Appears only in Slush Dungeon.
  • Blue Lancer - A Blue with a long Lance that can supposedly attack within mid-range. Not much is known about this variant. Appears only in Slush Dungeon.
  • Archer Blue - A Blue armed with a bow and arrow that can supposedly attack within long range. Not much is known about this variant. Appears only in Slush Dungeon.
  • Blue Uno - A very special Blue minion, like his name suggests, he may have been Big Blue's right hand man or at least a commanding officer. Though he is weak at first, he gets very powerful once the fighters deal with him the third time. Only appears in Slush Tile Rush. Appears in the level Solarise and in Slusher.
  • Blue Two - Blue Uno's friend. He is fairly weak like his comrade, though he can be an average threat. Only appears in Slush Tile Rush when the player first plays the game. Appears in the level Solarise.
  • Fanatic Blue - A group of Blues who believe Big Blue is alive within them. They wear worn out caps and clothing, use giant paintbrushes dipped with blue paint to attack their enemies and primarily appear on the level Solarise.
  • Overly Zealous Blue - The leader of the Fanatic Blues who harbors a deep loyalty to Big Blue. He not only wields a giant paintbrush to create tiles with, he carries with him a dagger to slice out any Slush Fighter tile that appears.



  • During some scenes in the movie, some Blues had outlines.
  • In the montage between Stick Luke's and Steric's appearances, a Blue punched Marcstick and another Blue was dancing with Sthomas.
  • The level Blue Base proves that there are more then 90 blues and 90 drabs.
    • However the MARV might have just been looking at those Blues and Drabs who went on the invasion. Even then there appeared to be more than 90 Blues and 90 Drabs.
    • It's also possible that Blue Base was continuously producing Blues during the events of the movie and the game, which is a possible explanation for Big Blue's backup force in the game's intro. This would also explain the origins of the other Blues that appear in the game.
  • In the movie, the graphics made the Blues seem almost violet at times.
  • In the beginning of the movie, it was shown that the Blues have a darker shade of blue than Big Blue.
  • Actually, the Blues aren't pure blue most of the time; they are actually dark blue.
  • Of all the invaders, only Big Blue is actually blue (everyone else just has a certain shade of blue).
  • Blues are created by capturing citizens of Slusher (and other conquered areas) and painting them blue.
  • Blues has a darker shade of blue on them.
  • They can jump high in the sky (we don't know why they can jump high).
  • They make an appearance in the Slush Invaders Duel.
  • They made an appearance in the one minute summary.
  • It was hinted that Blues may not be mindless slaves, but retain their emotions; one was sad because he lost his drink (Slush Invaders: Duel).
  • It's unknown why not all of the Blues attacked Stucker and Sthomas when they were attacking them.
  • In the game, it's best to have someone like Stucker or Stomar to take out the Blue mobs (Stomar is recommended).
  • The Blues could still have their original personality before coming minions of Big Blue.
  • Blues are not mind controlled, they seem to have change side personalities (as in being good or bad).
  • Blues might be able to use weapons if they wanted to.
  • Blues may actually be innocent, nice or good and they are just forced to be evil or to act as mean as they can be.
    • To give some facts to this, in the bit where Stucker and Sthomas were on the crowd trying to escape, a group of Blues were holding a sign saying "GO! STUCKER!" and a heap of the crowd did not attack Sthomas and Stucker.
  • In Slush Dungeon, Blues can use a bow and arrow, a sword, as well as a lance.
  • In Slush Dungeon, some of them have metallic helmets.
  • Blues are possibly the weakest among Big Blue's team.
  • Blues have been the most common threat to the Slush Fighters in all instalments by far.
  • Blues in the game can be very annoying when they are in a large group.
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