Big Blue was the leader and brains behind the entire Slush Invaders organization. He was the first character to ever appear in the movie and the main antagonist of the series. At the conclusion of Slush Invaders Game, he is cured from Standrew's Ultra Attack and converted back into a regular stick figure, Stanthony. Since he is the same color as Blues, it is hard to tell who Big Blue is sometimes. However, the game signals Big Blue with a marker.

Slush Invaders (movie)

Big Blue is the first character to appear and orders his army of Blues (his minions) and BigBoi to start invading Slusher. He tries to open the door using a card key. Seeing that the door does not recognize his card, Big Blue simply gets BigBoi to break the door open. The Blues then start attacking and vandalizing the college. After a while though, Big Blue starts to realize that some of his Blues have been beaten up by Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker. He then orders some Drabs to capture Standrew while he moved out of the scene to take care of some business aboard his MARV and pretty much stays there for the rest of the movie, managing things from abroad. Eventually, he attempts to destroy Standrew, Westick, Joshtick, and Stick JK with a time bomb, only to have ended up giving BigBoi a "fatal boo boo". He leaves and attempts a getaway, only to be ganged up on by the Slush Fighters.

Slush Invaders: Game

In the game, Big Blue is the main target who everyone must keep in the air. If players let him slow down, he'll escape. There will be some levels where instead of launching him with Standrew, Big Blue will start on a Mobile, Machine or not appear because of bonus levels.

The Story

Spoilers follow, so be warned now.                  

As things start to look bad for Big Blue, he orders his backup minions to capture all the Slush Fighters. However, they fail to capture Standrew, Stedro, Stickhanh, and Marcstick. Standrew then launches Big Blue into the air, leaving the rest of the fighters to chase him and keep Big Blue flying. After going through Lane Stadium, Big Blue slows down to get inside the Robo Hokie, which the fighters must destroy to keep going. Eventually, after going through the Haunted Turf, Big Blue starts to slow down once again. When the Ether Lord comes out of his grave Big Blue punches him only to make Ether Lord irritated so much that he eats Big Blue. When the Slush Fighters destroy him, Big Blue then feigns peace by offering a handshake to Standrew, only to punch him and get away in a Mobile while a couple Drabs distract the other fighters. He is eventually chased towards Galaxyrise, where he dumps blue paint on a captured Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas to turn them into the Bluish Fighters. After the Slush Fighters deal with their evil allies, Big Blue captures them all inside a Pokeball until they escape, finding themselves on the moon, where they find that the Blues were all innocent stickmen painted blue. They continue chasing Big Blue through the Blue Base and Luna until Standrew, at wits end, grabs Big Blue by the neck, ready to put an end to the invaders, until Big Blue reveals one last trick up his sleeve: BigBoi Prime. After the robot is destroyed, Standrew and Big Blue make one last stand, ending with Standrew punching the paint off of Big Blue, revealing him to be another innocent stickman. The moon base soon starts to blow up, to the concern of Standrew and the confusion of the former Big Blue. Fortunately, with Stick Sean's thinking and portal power (and Steric's sniper), everyone is evacuated to Galaxyrise, and Standrew and the former Big Blue shake hands, ending the Slush Invaders once and for all (The former Big Blue was Stanthony, who is a new member of the Slush Defenders).

Spoilers end here.

Slush Invaders: Duel

Big Blue made a cameo appearance at the start of this movie, where he is seen launching through Drillfield with Stedro, Stickyle and the rest of the Slush Fighters chasing after him.

Slush Tile Rush

Big Blue didn't make an appearance in the game but he made an appearance but only digital with 20 Shield Points. Similar to Nhazul, Digital Big Blue has low health.

He is also mentioned several times by the rest of his surviving forces, mostly by the Fanatic Blues and moreso by Overly Zealous Blue, who also appears to be somewhat similar to Big Blue in appearance.



  • Big Blue was made the way other Blues were made, splattered in blue paint.
  • Big Blue apparently invaded Stick Pritchard, and was planning to invade West AJ after Slusher.
  • It's unknown how the Slush Invaders came to be if Big Blue was also an innocent stickman.
  • It's unknown how Big Blue got blue paint on him, or where it even came from.
  • Big Blue is actually white with a black outline.
  • At the end Big Blue attempts to use a Ultra Attack, but Standrew uses his first.
    • So having said the one above this, it is clear that Big Blue has an Ultra Attack. But has not yet shown it nor demonstrated it.
  • There is a glitch where if Big Blue is hit really hard it shows his true color: a white stickman with a white outline. (This might be an intentional easter egg)
  • Big Blue makes an appearance in a preloader in Bored Preloaders. It shows him reanimating the face like Frankenstein.
  • A "decoy" Big Blue, who is actually a weird brown & grey color, appears in the Data Wall. It's unclear why Standrew and the Slushers kept fighting him since a message specifically stating that he was fake appeared.
  • Big Blue's true, white color is apparently meant to represent his innocence, as it was the blue paint corrupting his soul that forced him to cause so much misery rather than his own decision.
  • The reason Big Blue may have turned into a Blue is probably because he may have accidentally bumped a shelf with Blue Paint on it and splattering himself with it.
  • Big Blue's clone's color in Data Wall is grey.
  • Big Blue has cyan eyes and teeth and no pupils in his eyes.
  • In the movie, Big Blue is very hard to recognize in some scenes.
  • Big Blue's shade of blue is a bit more lighter than the other blues.
  • Since both Standrew and Big Blue were going to use an ultra attack, this may conclude that Big Blue and the Bluish Fighters are the only one out of him and his minions who has an ultra attack.
  • In the movie, Big Blue had a keycard, this could be that either he was a resident in the Slusher Wing or he stole it from another guy.
    • He may/might have stolen this keycard from Stick Jorge or he might have stolen it from an unlucky resident and turned him into a Blue.
  • Since Big Blue has been returned to normal as his original self, it is possible that Standrew recruited him or he willingly joined the Slush Fighters.
  • Even though he is the leader of the Slush Invaders and began the whole invading operation, it is possible that Big Blue is or was not the only leader of the Invaders or he was not actually the true leader of the Invaders.
    • To give some evidence to this, an Underground base was seen and was the major setting of Slush Invaders: Duel, meaning that there is another operating base and (if possible) another leader of the Invaders.
  • If Stickirby tries to copy Big Blue's ability, nothing will happen.
  • Big Blue's name is similar to "BigBoi".
  • Big Blue has no outline in the movie.
  • In a post of Glidedguy in facebook, Big Blue and two other character were posted as a poll for a new baddie in the next installment.
  • He didn't appear in the game Slush Tile Rush, though he is only mentioned in the game.
    • In Hazy Home Screen, there is an enemy who appears as a digital version of him.
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