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*BigBoi Prime has a unique hitsound.
*BigBoi Prime has a unique hitsound.
*BigBoi Prime human parts are the body,neck and head.
*BigBoi Prime human parts are the body,neck and head.
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==Recommended Team-ups:==
==Recommended Team-ups:==

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BigBoi Prime is a gigantic cyborg and Big Blue's last defense against the Slush Fighters. His attacks include smashing the ground with his fist, creating fire, and shooting lasers out of his eye. He is also the last and largest enemy in the entire game as the boss of the 21st level.

Role in Movie  

BigBoi Prime never made an appearence in the movie, because he was still BigBoi then.

Role in Game

Before his Cyborg Tranformation

Possibly after he suffered his 'fatal boo boo' Big Blue and the other invaders took him back to their base and operated on him to keep him alive, possbly either the operation was a success or a failure. The retrieval of him possibly happened after the fighters chased after him and his cyborg tranformation must've happened before or after the slush fighters were captured in a Pokeball.

If the operation was a failure:

Big Blue had to keep Big Boi alive so in order to do so he tranformed BigBoi into BigBoi Prime and was even more larger and dangerous than before.

If the operation was a success:

Big Blue had successfully healed BigBoi, but BigBoi wanted to take revenge on the Slush Fighters, for his determination to take out the Slush Fighters Big Blue agreed and turned BigBoi into BigBoi Prime.


BigBoi Prime serves as the final boss of the game. Like the Ether Lord, he has shield health. As a consequence of being very huge, the screen has to pan out during the battle. BigBoi Prime is also unable to avoid damage at this state.


  • Has shield health: cannot be damaged until shield is down
  • Attacks automatically position themselves near Standrew's location
  • Shoots lasers at Standrew
  • Generates fire with other arm
  • Punches Standrew if he is on the right side of the screen.
  • Smashes Standrew with his fist if he is on the left side of the screen.
  • Smashes ground with fist once shield restarts.
  • Visor glows blue when shield is almost done recharging.
  • Big Boi prime
    No Ultra Attack.

Extra Obstacles

When attacking BigBoi's body, pieces of scrap metal, paint, and space trash will fall off and roll onto the stage. Some of these bits will damage Standrew, while others will heal BigBoi.


Flight by Waterflame (The whole song)
275534 Flight
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The Story

Just as Standrew grabbed Big Blue by the neck, ready to end it all, a platform rises out of the ground, carrying Big Blue upwards. From his lofty perch, Big Blue reveals his final trick: BigBoi Prime. The slush defenders, unable to directly attack Big Blue, must beat up the gargantuam cyborg to continue their assault on Big Blue.


you've been messin with the wrong boi.

  • == Trivia ==
  • BigBoi and BigBoi Prime are technically the same person.
  • BigBoi was turned into BigBoi Prime after suffering from a "fatal boo boo" in the movie.
  • You can't see BigBoi Prime's legs in the boss battle.
  • BigBoi Prime and the Bluish Fighters technically are the only bosses to appear in the movie and game.
  • It is unknown where Big Blue went when BigBoi Prime showed up.
  • Ether Lord and BigBoi Prime are the only enemies with shielded health
  • BigBoi Prime is a lot bigger than BigBoi.
  • If you deplete BigBoi Prime's shields right after he sprays fire onto the ground, his head will fall onto the fire and he will be hurt repeatedly (maybe a glitch?).
  • Bigboi Prime is the only enemy with a specfic hit box. (Only applies to slush fighters attacking. Standrew can attack his head and deal damage).
  • BigBoi Prime's chasis doesn't look big enough to support his head
  • Similar to the chasis issue, BigBoi's arms are not porpotional to his body.
  • Some players get confused with BigBoi Prime's left hand fingers, he can easily be mistaken to have 6 fingers but with a closer look shows he only has 5 fingers.
  • Reason why BigBoi Prime is mistaken to have 6 fingers is because the Pinky fingers is overlapping the Middle, Ring and Index fingers, some it is easily mistaken that next to the Middle finger that BigBoi Prime has 6 fingers than 5 fingers.
  • BigBoi Prime and the Robo Hookie are the only robots who are bosses
  • You cannot get a high score for this level (it's the last level and the game resets every time you beat it).
  • At the last cutscene, if the first 3 fighters is a character with guns, swords, capes, or scarfs, then they will appear with out them.
  • Its possible to beat BigBoi Prime with only Standrew, but that would take a pretty long time! 
    Screenshot from 2013-11-22 18-49-33

    A One Man Army

  • Big Boi Prime Along with the Bluish Fighters, are the only bosses who don't use the boss theme songs that are in the game
  • BigBoi Prime is the only boss who foes not share the same background.
  • If you are going to do a StAndrew only run, then it's suggested that you should make full StAndrew combos as much as you can, including that extra kick after double jumping.
  • Big Boi Prime is a cyborg.
  • Its possible to beat this level with only auto attack fighters.
    • In Order: Stickhanh (All Upgrades) + Stick Brian (All Upgrades) + Stucker (All Upgrades) + Sticorey (All Upgrades) + Stick JK (All Upgrades) + Joshtick (All Upgrades)
  • BigBoi Prime and the Ether Lord are the only bosses with shield health.
  • BigBoi Prime has a unique hitsound.
  • BigBoi Prime human parts are the body,neck and head.

Recommended Team-ups:

Below are recommended Team-ups for this level

Real Deal Team-ups:

  1. Stedro (Power+, Recharge+, Blaster), Stickhanh (Power x2, Wing Boost, Pele Attack), Marcstick (Critical Strike, Chain Finish, Evade), Stickyle (Fireball+, Activate, Starstorm), Westick (Improved Shelling, Spray, Phase Ammo), Stick Matt (Power +, Triple Dragon, Spin x7) and Stick Michael (Extra Link, Tranpoline, Glidedguy)
  2. Stick James (Recharge Boost, Button Punch+, Mass Attack), Staddison (Double Flash, Hardline, Missile Killstreak), Ben Stickobi (Power+, Sabertoss, Sticksaber), Sthomas ( Run Away, Fists O' Fury, Super Ultimate Turbo 4 HD), Stomar (Omega Temptest, Sword Rain Beta, Falcon's Crest), Stick Dan (Danage+, Danage++, Danage+++), Steric (Squad Spec., Quickscope, Snipe 1400)
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