BigBoi Prime is a gigantic cyborg and Big Blue's last line of defense against the Slush Fighters. His attacks include smashing the ground with his fist, generating fire, and shooting lasers out of his eye. He is also the last and largest enemy in the entire game as the boss of the 21st level.

Slush Invaders

BigBoi Prime never made an appearance in the movie, because during that time, he was still BigBoi then.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Luna

BigBoi Prime is the boss of Stage 4, the final stage itself and the overall final boss in the game. His first attacks are punching the ground on the right with his giant robot fist and smashing the left side of the ground with it, too. He will later shoot fireballs out of his single robot eye and create a wave of flame with his flamethrower arm. Like the Ether Lord, he has shielded health which you will have to deplete. When he recovers, he will automatically smash the middle of the ground with his fist.

Next Level/Game: Solarise/Slush Tile Rush

Big Blue's Last Trick

After cornering him in Luna, Standrew and his team finally personally confront Big Blue, with the light blue leader holding the Slush Invaders' leader by his neck, giving him an angry look for all of the trouble he has put him and his friends through and for invading and vandalizing their home.

Big Blue, however, is not intimidated and simply gives a menacing smile. Out of nowhere, a long blue platform appears from the ground the entire group is standing on. Surprised, Standrew accidentally lets go of Big Blue, with the latter doing his signature finger snap, triggering the platform to rise up above Luna, bringing Standrew and his team ridiculously high. As the others are confused as to what is going on, Standrew looks below and sees a shine coming from below.

To his and everyone's surprise, the light comes in and a gigantic figure appears: It's a giant robot...

However, this robot turns out to be the Slush Invaders' gigantic brute soldier and the one Stick JK, Westick and Joshtick had taken down after saving Standrew --- the now gigantic cyborg, BigBoi Prime!

Above BigBoi Prime is Big Blue who taunts the entire group, announcing BigBoi Prime as his last trick and commands it to attack the whole group. With it being their very last fight, Standrew reassembles the now reunited whole of his team and engages for one last assault!

One versus Thirty

The battle begins with Standrew evading the massive punches and smashes the giant cyborg stickman uses with his huge metal fist. He summons his team, who quickly deplete his health with their abilities and send him into a coma for a few moments. As soon as this happens, he suddenly rises up again and smashes the middle of the giant platform. He then resorts to the power of his laser eye, which summons fireballs which rain upon the team. He also burns the platform with his flamethrower arm, scorching the Slushers. By the time BigBoi's power runs out, he explodes, catapulting Big Blue out of his system.

The Last Stand

Standrew finally catches up with Big Blue and punches him to the ground, and after a brief confrontation, Big Blue is cured of his state of evil insanity by Standrew's Ultra Attack and reverted back into a regular stickman, Stanthony. However, the destruction of BigBoi Prime causes a massive explosion, sending the Blue Base into an explosion. However, Stick Sean uses StEric's rifle to transport the Slush Fighters and the Base's prisoners to safety before they are all blown to kingdom come. Making their way back to Galaxyrise, StAndrew and Stanthony make a peace treaty and bury all that had happened.


  • Like Ether Lord, BigBoi Prime has shielded health: cannot be damaged until the shield is down.
  • Attacks automatically position themselves near Standrew's location.
  • Shoots lasers at Standrew.
  • Generates fire with other arm.
  • Punches Standrew if he is on the right side of the screen.
  • Smashes Standrew with his fist if he is on the left side of the screen.
  • Smashes ground with fist once shield restarts.
  • Visor glows blue when the shield is almost done recharging.
  • When shield is down, he smash Standrew with head one time
  • No Ultra Attack.

Extra Obstacles

When attacking BigBoi's body, pieces of scrap metal, paint, and space trash will fall off and roll onto the stage. Some of these bits will damage Standrew, while others will heal BigBoi.


Flight by Waterflame (The whole song)
275534 Flight
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  • BigBoi was turned into BigBoi Prime after suffering from a "fatal boo boo" in the movie.
  • BigBoi Prime and the Bluish Fighters are technically the only bosses to appear in the movie and game.
    • This is due to BigBoi Prime being BigBoi during the movie, as well as the Bluish Fighters' being the corrupted counterparts of Steric, Sthomas and Stomar.
  • Ether Lord and BigBoi Prime are the only enemies with shielded health.
  • If you deplete BigBoi Prime's shields right after he sprays fire onto the ground, his head will fall onto the fire and he will be hurt repeatedly.
  • BigBoi Prime is the only enemy with a specific hit box.
  • BigBoi Prime's chassis doesn't look big enough to support his head,
    • Similar to the chassis issue, BigBoi's arms are not proportional to his body.
  • BigBoi Prime and Robo Hokie are the only robots who are bosses.
  • You cannot get a high score for this level, as this is due to it being the last level of the game and because after you defeat BigBoi Prime, the ending cutscene plays and the Player is given the option to restart the game on a higher difficulty, known as NG+ Mode.
  • BigBoi Prime, along with the Bluish Fighters are the only bosses who don't use the boss theme ("We Run and Fight") which is in the game.
  • BigBoi Prime's level background is the only one to not share the same background as the level it came before it.
    • Though it could still be considered a "shared background" as the boss battle with BigBoi Prime takes place on a highly escalated platform, matching BigBoi Prime's body height, where the Earth can be seen. Previously in Luna, the Earth can also be seen if the player were to send Big Blue flying high enough for it to be viewed.
  • If you are going to do a Standrew only run, then it's suggested that you should make full Standrew combos as much as you can, including that extra kick after double jumping.
  • It's possible to beat this level with only Auto Fighters.
    • In order: Stickhanh (All Upgrades) + Stick Brian (All Upgrades) + Stucker (All Upgrades) + Sticorey (All Upgrades) + Stick JK (All Upgrades) + Joshtick (All Upgrades).
  • BigBoi Prime has a unique hitsound.
  • BigBoi Prime's only human parts are the body, neck and part of his head.
  • This level is the only level without a bonus objective.
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