BigBoi is an extremely gigantic black stickman with no outline who is a member of the Slush Invaders. He was placed in charge of guarding Standrew along with a team of Drabs. However, he was killed by an explosion when Westick, Joshtick, and Stick JK came to save Standrew.

Role in Movie

BigBoi appeared at the start of the movie to force down the door so that the Slush Invaders could invade Slusher. He was then assigned to guard Standrew, but ended up with a "fatal boo boo" after Westick and Stick JK shot him, and then got caught in an explosion as a result of friendly fire.

BigBoi getting shot in the chest at the end of the movie

Role in Game

Spoilers [when edited in] follow, so be warned.

BigBoi is the final boss in the game. However, since he suffered a "fatal boo boo" in the movie, Big Blue reinforced and reconstructed his corpse with cybernetic implants in order to create BigBoi Prime.

Spoilers end here.

Slush RPG

In Slush RPG, Bigboi is disguised as a giant Dark Stick. As he is attacked, he breaks apart revealing smaller and smaller forms of himself. After he is defeated, he is finally shown to actually be Bigboi, who has shrunken considerably.


  • BigBoi is the one of the only non-Blue stickmen in the Slush Invaders, besides limes.
  • BigBoi, along with Toasters, Mobiles, and the Robo Hokie, is one of the only Slush Invaders not named after their color.
  • It is unknown how Bigboi became black and gigantic while everybody else was blue or bluish.
  • The only person who actually got hurt from BigBoi is Joshtick, which is similar to what happened at the secret ending of the game.
  • BigBoi has no powers.(Being giant is not a power, but if he can control it, he have a power.)
  • In the game BigBoi was turned into a gigantic robot and acts as the final boss which is cold BigBoi Prime.
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