An Azure is a BLUE mage (Not a mage that is a Blue) that upon entering the screen will grant invincibility to any enemy, including each other. Despite all this, Azures are weak themselves and have no attack methods.

Role in Movie

Azures did not appear in the movie and wouldn't have made much of a difference anyways.

Role in Game

Azures are defensive mages introduced in the Slushy Ice Frosting level and will attempt to protect an enemy by shielding them with invinciblity, similar to Sticorey, as it both looks shimmery and makes their respective enemy untouchable. As this also extends to other Azures and Big Blue himself, you should get rid of them quickly or risk losing the level and having to restart.


  • Azures, along with Mobiles and Cobalts, are the only defensive enemies.
  • Azures and Mobiles have no attack methods.
  • Azures cannot defend themsleves, although they can protect one another.
  • They can be very annoying, for example, if an Azure protects Big Blue and the Azure is protected by another and so on..
  • There is a glitch where after defeating an enemy with the azure still alive (if you managed to do so, but it's possible) then the azure will protect absolutely no one and will pretty much float there like floating ducks.
  • Azures are the only antagonists who name's starts with an "A".
  • An Azure will completely nullifiy the effect of Joshtick's "Plant C4" skill.
  • Azures and Sticorey share the same ability (psychic invincibility sheild).
  • Azure rembers the portuguese word Azul, that means blue.
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