Azures are Blue sorceresses that will grant invincibility to any enemy, including each other in the from of a force-field. Despite all this, Azures are weak themselves and have no physical attack methods, and have very few weak magical attack methods.


Azures are female blues who use magic, mostly in the form of force fields, as their means of both defense and attack. They wear a blue cape with a slighter shade of white mixed in it, wear light blue skirts and a definitive set of three eyelashes on both sides of their eyes, marking their gender.

Though originally, Azures were speculated to be male, due to the fact that, excluding the Limes, Toasters and Cobalts, the Slush Invaders were seen as an all male antagonist group, much like the Slush Fighters. A given assumption to this would be, not only from the fact the Slush Invaders are indeed an all male group, but from the fact of their appearance in the first game, which would set off the appearance and idea that they are male.

Though later on in the second game, their genders are revealed to be female, making the Slush Invaders group a mixed group of both male and female. However, male Azures may have been the ones to appear in the first game, while the females took over in the second game, though this has not yet been proven as such, therefore, speculation to whether or not the female Azures are actually the same ones from the first game are still in debate. However, it would be more logical for Azures to be an all-female group due to mages usually being depicted as females.

Slush Invaders

Azures did not appear in the movie at all. They may have a bigger role in future games or movies.

Slush Invaders: Game

Azures are defensive mages introduced in the Slushy Ice Frosting level and will attempt to protect an enemy by shielding them with invincibility, similar to Sticorey, as it both looks shimmery and makes their respective enemy untouchable for their shields are almost indestructible, that nothing can destroy them. To disable their protection, attack the Azure that protects the Blue (look at the pointer towards the source from) to continue assault. As this also extends to other Azures, Cobalts, Drabs and Big Blue himself, you should get rid of them quickly or risk losing the level and have to restart.

Azures also have the least amount of health, next to Blues, so taking them down should be easy and a priority if ever a mob of them appear. The player mostly has to think fast against them as if they were to shield Cobalts, it would make passing through a level far more challenging. Even more if several were to appear and start casting shields on nearly half of the enemies on-screen, thus making a level nearly impossible to finish and will instantly result in a game over.

Slush Tile Rush

Azures are introduced in Slusher and have 8 defense points each. They take a lot of damage when an attack passes the defense points and they create a single lane (3 tiles vertically) of their own tiles; Azure Tiles. They first appear in the level Slusher, and they seemingly only appear in that level in the second game.

In this instalment of the series, however, their genders have been confirmed to be females, making them one of the only two known groups to be an all female group.


"Turn Back!"

"Get Away..."



  • Azures, along with Mobiles and Cobalts, are the only defensive enemies.
    • But like the Cobalt, yet unlike the Mobile, Stickirby can copy their moves.
  • Azures and Mobiles have no attack methods.
  • Azures cannot defend themselves, although they can protect one another.
  • They can be very annoying, for example, if an Azure protects Big Blue and the Azure is protected by another and so on.
  • There is a glitch where after defeating an enemy with the Azure still alive (if you managed to do so, but it's possible) then the Azure will protect absolutely no one and will pretty much float there like floating ducks.
  • Azures are the only antagonists whose names starts with an "A".
  • An Azure will completely nullify the effect of Joshtick's "Plant C4" skill.
  • Azures and Sticorey share the same ability (psychic invincibility shield).
  • Azure is the Portuguese/Spanish word Azul, that means "blue". It also could be named after the color of the same name.
  • Azures could be blues in a different paint with training, simply paid or possibly slaves.
  • In Slush Tile Rush, the genders of the Azures are revealed to be an all-female group along with the Limes.
    • This makes both them and the Limes to be the only known group so far in the series to contain females only, excluding the new Slusher denizens at the epilogue of the first game.
  • Azures and Limes are the only female enemies in the entire Slush Invaders series.
  • In Slush Tile Rush, Azures have a very new design, or if you would rather say, a slightly different appearance than their Slush Invaders: Game counterparts.
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