Auto Fighters

Stickhanh: an example

Auto Fighters are a type of Slush Fighters in the Slush Invaders Game. They have a circular icon and cannot be called out to attack; instead, they fight by themselves (hence the name). Unlike the other fighters, most of the Auto Fighters usually have health limits. When these fighters' health reaches 0, they are dead and cannot fight or be called back into battle.

List of Fighters


  • 1. ^These fighters have no health limits.
    • It's possible to beat Moon Prison and Bit land if you have all the auto attackers like this (Not counting Stickyle)
      The order of the auto fighters to have in if you are doing moon prison or bitland with only auto fighters

See Also


  • None of the auto fighters except Stickhanh show the whole body in their icon.
  • All of them are 3D.
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